Get your business listed on Gordon’s Bay Travel! 

We promote Gordon’s Bay and our goal is to be the number one landing page for everything with regards to Gordon’s Bay. Get listed in one of our many categories like accommodation, restaurants & café’s, shops and business with tags to be found easily. We have all the information about Gordon’s Bay and surroundings in one place. A comprehensive list of things to do in Gordon’s Bay.

Gordon’s Bay is centrally located and as we say, 40 things to do within 40km, the Heart of the Cape!

As a NPO, we are not profit driven. Our revenues are reinvested to develop Gordon’s Bay.


Why should you be listed on Gordon’s Bay Travel?

  • First of all to support us!

We promote Gordon’s Bay and if you have a business in Gordon’s Bay or one in the vicinity of Gordon’s Bay, you are part of what we promote. We live in a digital world where online presence is a must. Internet has become an important factor in life for most of us. This can be looking for a holiday destination, a restaurant, a day itinerary or to find a shop. A listing on Gordon’s Bay Travel will give you a better chance to be found!

There are billions of websites on the internet and yours is somewhere there. How do you distinct, how can you be found? First of all your website must work properly, preferable with latest technology but more important, it must have attractive and unique content. Second, it must be secure and mobile friendly.

If that is all in place, you need to promote it. There are different ways to promote your website with for example campaigns like Google Adwards which can be costly so most (small / medium) website are on business directories or listing websites.

  • Promotion of your website

Content and relevancy of your website is the most important but without promotion, it will not be ranked high on search engines like Google. Google robots are constanty crawling the internet to collect keywords from websites to find out what your website is about by analyzing words and patterns. Besides that search engines like Google collect information about how often pages are visited. That results in  your ranking on their search page which is done via approximately 200 alghorithm rules where the most important factor to calculate is relevancy and engagement. Engagement means here to find out of the content is attractive, hence how much time did the visitor spent or did the visitor already leave after a few seconds?

Content is King, traffic is the way to success . The more, the better but unfortunetaly, there are a lot of these listing websites, directories or referrers who promise you clicks and charge you money to get listed but the question always is, how effective are they? Have your ever received a performance report stating how often the link to your website is clicked and what kind of audience that was?

You should ask for analytics, data from their website that shows that your listing has been found and clicked because that is what they get paid for. Their job is to attract visitors on their website, huge traffic! These visitors will only come if the directory website is attractive and has some relation with your business.

  • Conversion of clicks

Promotion is about generating traffic, traffic means more clicks and clicks means conversion into more business but that will only happen if the content on your website is relevant for the visitor. Your website has to engage, be attractive and informative. Most of us are listed on a directory website with similair businesses (gusthouses, restaurant or real estate) so the question is if that gives your website relevancy or engagement? Yes but also no because listed between hundreds of other same businesses makes it harder to distinct. The visitor has more choice. Directories or listing websites can be effective but you need to monitor their performance and that can only if they provide you analytics / data showing the clicks to your website and for you to find out how that compares with others otherwise it is a waste of money.

  • Attract the right audience

This is where our website kicks in. Visitors who are on our website have already made choices during their journey on the internet. For whatever reason they ended up on the Gordon’s Bay website looking or interested for something. This is major advantage compared with other directory listing websites. In Marketing terms, the traffic is already funneled.

It is our challenge to make this website about Gordon’s Bay and surrounding attractive and relevant as possible and we need you for that.

Without your business listed, we are not complete.

Your website should be listed on gordonsbay.travel to make sure that the visitor who has shown interest in Gordon’s Bay for whatever reason, can find a business like yours. The chance is much higher that someone who is already on our website and looking for a restaurant, guesthouse or activity, will look for it here and find you instead of a random search where your website is between 10 (if your lucky) or hundreds of others.

  • We are not replacing the major search engines!

Are we replacing booking.com, tripadvisor or google? No, absolutely not because people will use these sites for convenience had a look already at your site through gordonsbay.travel!

  • We go for the extra mile!

You know about relevant attractive content, engagement, funneling, promotion and conversion but what about analytics? Yes, we do provide this and report on the performance of this website and the clicks to yours. If you are a member of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum, we evaluate performance and improvements during every monthly meeting!

Help us promote Gordon’s Bay!

We are part of GORDONS BAY DEVELOPMENT TRUST which means we are not profit orientated. We do however need revenue to cover costs but more important, to improve our online performance and as a result promoting Gordon’s Bay and thus, your business. The more revenue, the more we can reinvest in Gordon’s Bay. It is as simple as that.

Compared with other listing websites, directories or referrers, our prices are low. That is because we are not profit driven. We have different entry levels for listings and the more exposure your business needs, the more the price will go up but still, it is all for the good cause. Members of Gordon’s Bay Business Forum get a discount. We do have free listings but that comes with limited functionality. However if you list our website gordonsbay.travel on your website, a free listing with more options is possible! Helping each other, that is a fair trade.

How to get listed on gordonsbay.travel?

Simple, send us an email with the information for the listing:

  • Your name;
  • Business  name;
  • Website / Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIN or other online address;
  • Address for Google Maps otherwise your listing remains without address;
  • Contact details like phone number or email address;
  • Intro description describing your business, don’t be too modest;
  • Good quality images, a minimum of 1366 pixels (ratio 16:9 or 4:3), we will scale and crop to a minimum of 1366 with 16:9;
  • Detailed description about your products or services.

Do and don’t:

  • Do not underestimate the effect of images, use good quality, the more the better;
  • Great if you got videos but they must be stored on Youtube in order to link them;
  • Get to the point in your intro description, tell what makes your business special;
  • No psysical address is a penalty, people want to check / see where it is;
  • Phone number is good, we can link on it when it is used on a mobile phone;
  • Email address is good but could cause spam, linking to your own website is always better.

Our prices

Please note that we have a partnership with Gordon’s Bay Business Forum which gives you a discount as a member. If you are a business located in Gordon’s Bay, you can become a member of GBBF. It is only R300 per annum (2020) and we have monthly meetings. A free listing with extra options in exchange for a link of our website on yours is possible.

Prices as from: 1 March 2020:


Free Listing  

Featured Listing  

Single picture for intro and page



Standard description max 500 words, unformatted



Five (5) extra pictures on page



Additional description formatted



Phone number without link



Email address without link



Address with Google Pin



Bookings button with Link



Call me button (phone link)



Facebook Link



Instagram Link



Google Analytics Report –  quarterly





R500 (**)

(*) Link gordonsbay.travel on your website Optional Preferred

(**) Discount membership GBBF




Advertisement prices as from: 1 March 2020:




Banner in sidebar, not on homepage



Banner on homepage + sidebar



Google Analytics Report –  monthly








Listings are not restricted to businesses in Gordon’s Bay. Otherwise we would not be the Heart of the Cape without all the beauty and attractions surrounding us.

That’s All! Let us know what you think and give us feedback!