Your business listed on this website is possible for all businesses active in Gordon’s Bay or related to Tourism in Gordon’s Bay.

  • You can add or manage your own listing on this website
  • Free for businesses in Gordon’s Bay or other related to Tourism in Gordon’s Bay

Below guide will help you to add and maintain your own listing on this website.

If you are not a member of the Gordon’s Bay Business Forum (GBBF ), we would like to invite you and contribute to all the good work GBBF is doing for businesses in Gordon’s Bay.

Alternatively if you do not want a membership but you want to donate and help this website for Tourism & Businesses in Gordon’s Bay, buy an advert. Contact us at info@gordonsbay.travel if you are interested. The funds will go to the GBBF Marketing budget.

This website is possible due to sponsorship of GBBF and Winnie Burger, owner of the Pitstop and Grille Shack

Ok, let’s get started following these three steps:

  1. Create an account if you don’t have one
  2. Add or manage a listing, or more
  3. Wait for approval and your listing is ready!

If you want to add a new or manage an existing listing , this is your first step:

[1] Create an account if you don’t have one

To create an account or using your existing account, click on <Login> in the right upper corner of the main menu or directly use this link to https://gordonsbay.travel/login/

This will bring you to the Login page where you have two options:

  • Use the link <Create account> where you fill in your name and email-adress or,
  • Use a social media account (Facebook, Instagram or Google) to create an account.

If you do not use a social account to register and for login, your name and email address will be asked.

Using a social account will register you instantly and please note that passwords are not exchanged between a social media party and our website! The social media party holds the records for that.

You have created an account, now just login.


 [2] Add or manage a listing, or more

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your profile page and see a link in the right upper corner to <add listing>. If you already have a business listing linked to your account, you will also see <my listings>.

NOTE: In case your business has already been listed by us, we need to transfer ownership by linking your account to the listing before you can take ans see the listing on your profile. Please send us your your login name to info@gordonsbay.travel and we will add the listing(s) to your account.

Let’s assume your business is not listed, you can start adding it by using the drop down menu in the right upper corner <Add Listing>. This will let you add a “place”.

In case you want to manage the details of an existing listing, you will find your listing(s) listed in your <Profile>.

You can have more than one listing with one account!

[3] Wait for approval and your listing is ready!

If you have added a listing, we have to approve it first before you can continue. After approval, you can edit all the details of your listing like title and an description, choosing a category, address, uploading pictures, web address, social media channels and even opening hours and promotions.

Edit page:

Second part edit page:

Done! Your listing is ready on the website!


  • Create an account first, even if your business is already listed.
  • Login with your account to add a listing / place
  • If your business is already listed and you have an account, send us the login name to transfer the listing into your account in order to manage it yourself.
  • You can have more than one listing with an account.

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