Long Distance Swim against Jaws on Sunday 20th of February. A man called Simon Ince (Simon Ince)62 years old decided to swim from Simons Town to Rooi Els .. across False Bay (35km).

Source & Credits for this story and photos: Abri Kruger: https://www.abrikruger.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/AbriKrugerPhotography/

There have been a number of attempts to swim across False Bay. The swim is considered to be unsafe today due to the perceived threat of shark attacks on swimmers in False Bay. He left at 5:30am in morning and completed in just under 11 hours later.

He set a Guinness book record for oldest man to have swam the False Bay crossing ever, and he is a local that grew up in Somerset West and went to Paul Roos School.

When I heard of him doing it yesterday I decided to drive down to Rooi Els to see him arrive. When I arrived in rooi els I was surprised to see nobody else from the public to welcome him or congratulate him… I was expecting a whole bunch of people and photographers and press to congratulate him on completing such an amazing journey. I think he probably just wanted to keep it private and focus on the swim. I then decided to ask him if I can do a photo shoot with him today as I really admired what he has done.. and he agreed. Such an amazing guy! Here are the images I captured and also some of the images he sent me while swimming. Incredible achievement swimming over 35 km in the ocean. IIt’s the same disctance as the english channel over to France…

This is a copy of the original Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/abri.kruger/posts/10158305400686196

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